cramming it all in...

so yeah, i've been slacking. not just sorta slacking, as in, i forgot to turn in yesterday's project, but royally slacking, as in, i just walked out of the office and didn't come back for months. which means, i have some major catching up to do.

i noticed this lapse when my phone died recently. the power button just decided to stop working, so while the phone was technically 'on,' unless someone reached out to me, i had no way of waking the phone up to use it. before it was shipped off to be refurbished and given to some other poor soul, i pulled all the photos off of it, and in doing so, noticed how many delicious meals i've had that i haven't been without further ado.

Max's Wine Dive - Austin, Tx.
Truffle Fried Egg Sandwich

We had gone to Austin for a dear friend's bachelorette party. Max's happened to be close by the hotel, so if you take six girls arriving after 10 p.m. after a three hour car ride with no meal stops...well you'll end up with some hungry ladies. Dinner was a divine mix of poblano peppers stuffed with their slow roasted pork and goat cheese. it didn't last long enough for a photo but it did provide good fuel for the night's activities.

The next morning, basically every brunch space was packed (nope, we did not make reservations. who has time for plans!?) so guess where we ended up... yup, Max's! We have one in Houston and it's always a fav, but I've never had this sandwich before. It has become something I crave, literally my mouth waters when I think about it. Toasted sourdough, perfectly fried eggs, truffle oil, tomatoes and bacon - how could you NOT love it. They house make the chips and those have a little truffle oil on them too (i die.). Luckily, they offer the option to split this monster, half is plenty (it's still 6'' x 4'' or so) so find a friend and go try this thing! *Note: I don't think Houston offers this during the week except for their HH menu, but it's worth asking them anyway.

Prohibition - Houston, Tx
Truffle Fries and... mac-n-cheese
the girls and i were looking for a new location to hit up for hh - this space looked fun/different and had... truffle fries! we showed up around 6 on a Wednesday and had no trouble snagging a table. the decor is awesome, the door (which is a bit hard to find) makes it feels very speakeasy and their staff is dressed based on their 'seniority/level' - (bartenders have certain suspenders, waiters have vests, etc) and the girls have these fabulous feather (yes, feather) skirts. i'm tempted to go back and try to get hired just for the skirt.
once we got settled in we found they had... truffle mac-n-cheese! yes, i have a problem. luckily the ladies do too so we ordered both for our snacking pleasure.
The fries came out as a huge serving, the cute little tin bucket is full to overflowing and they aren't shy on the cheese shavings on the top. The fries were perfectly crunchy and not too greasy, just a hint of truffle. (and there goes my mouth to watering again) The mac-n-cheese came out in a warm skillet, topped with some bread and more cheese and toasted to a crunchy ooey gooey crust. The consensus of the hh crew - one of the best mac-n-cheeses in the city.

BRC - Houston, Tx
Cheeseburger Mac N Cheese
a good friend was having a birthday brunch and the place she had originally picked out ended up with some terrible reviews prior to the date of the party. rather than risk a sub-par meal, she changed locations to one of my stand-by favs. BRC never fails to deliver on something tasty, whether it's the bacon jam and cheese biscuits or the burger bowl, which consists of an entire cheeseburger (including the bun) and fries, tossed in a salad with ranch (no, it's not healthy or paleo), i've always enjoy the food. this day was no exception.
The cheeseburger mac-n-cheese is basically what it sounds like...except it's not. They take their delicious mac-n-cheese as a base, then guessed it, an entire cheeseburger (this time without the bun) on the top. It's the perfect mix of way too much melty cheese with their perfectly done burger patty. The photo doesn't do this one justice. They rotate their brunch menu mac-n-cheese so if you see this one, get it, you won't regret it!
long story short - i still have more food photos to get through, but will save them for the next time. promise it won't be another seven months...