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politics without the fries.

as election season this year has drawn to a close, i've been a whirlwind of emotion and a flurry of activity (sounds like i'm a combo of some neurotic weather patterns).

i think everything took on monumental significance because i've finally reached my version of 'middle age.' don't laugh and never mind the actual number associated with my age, it's more of a state of mind - i'm finally far enough out of school that i don't feel like a struggling student constantly. i've made good progress on my career and life plans are beginning to feel more firm. carefree days of boredom and spontaneous plans are fewer and fewer between.

with this jump has come a more serious attitude when it comes to the implications of things. i inherently know, the value of a dollar and just how long and how much it takes to earn it. i wonder about what the future will hold, tomorrow, next year and in 20 years. i have come to realize that we are known by our actions and …
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burgers around the country...

While on assignment in New Jersey/New York last fall, our crew attempted to do trivia nights a few times. We found a local dive joint that hosted them, picked an appropriately terrible team name and signed up. We were bad, horrible even. But at least the pub grub was decent. This little gem had jalapeno poppers on top of the melted cheese covered patty. Yes, fried poppers ON a burger. Sadly, I can't say that it was my favorite thing ever - but the theory was good, something went off in the execution I suppose. Also a little sad, it appears the joint has shut down.

Munch Bar -Las Vegas, NV  Ah Vegas. Rarely do I even stop to eat while we're there. Which is a shame really, there are simply too many awesome places that will put you in a meat coma faster than you can lose a grand at the roulette wheel ...but i digress. Earlier in the spring, we had gone with T's sister to celebrate her birthday in sin city; it also helped that T's business was also a exhibitor at World of …

cramming it all in...

so yeah, i've been slacking. not just sorta slacking, as in, i forgot to turn in yesterday's project, but royally slacking, as in, i just walked out of the office and didn't come back for months. which means, i have some major catching up to do.

i noticed this lapse when my phone died recently. the power button just decided to stop working, so while the phone was technically 'on,' unless someone reached out to me, i had no way of waking the phone up to use it. before it was shipped off to be refurbished and given to some other poor soul, i pulled all the photos off of it, and in doing so, noticed how many delicious meals i've had that i haven't been without further ado.

Max's Wine Dive - Austin, Tx.
Truffle Fried Egg Sandwich

We had gone to Austin for a dear friend's bachelorette party. Max's happened to be close by the hotel, so if you take six girls arriving after 10 p.m. after a three hour car ride with no meal stops...well you&#…

the big bad

I'm not quite sure how we stumbled across this place, perhaps it was an ad, though - knowing it's cousin location (dirt bar) i kinda doubt they were doing any advertising. regardless, we happened to stop by one evening for a couple of ritas with some friends. During the course of hh we fell vitim to the smells coming out of the kitchen and ordered a few tacos to try. I was thrilled to see that you could add a fried egg onto your taco for just a couple of bucks more. (Anyone that knows me, knows I want to put a fried egg on just about anything. i'm not kidding, ANYTHING.)I had the carnitas, and T decided to 'be healthy' and go with the was a rookie mistake that he won't make again. Don't get me wrong, they weren't 'bad' fish tacos. It was just that mine were oh so much better. The house infused tequilas made for some great beverages, I enjoy a rita that is light on the sweet and sour and doesn't taste like sugar water - my favorite:…

A bright spot in a dark time

Ok, that was a bit melodramatic. My thoughts on this burger though are not.

First a quick background

The project team I have been working with has been in Parsippany, NJ a good bit recently. Never heard of it? Well neither had I until I got assigned to this project. Bottom line, it’s a small town in NJ, that while fairly neat and quiet has little to entertain you after a long day at the office. In steps some client employees to invite us to a HH. Game on.

We went to a little shotgun style place called Sona19, it did the trick to alleviate the boredom that night and we also heard about a little restaurant called Urban Table. They had sushi, burgers and good salad? Intriguing.

Fast forward a few weeks and here we are…

In need of some above average grub, we decided to venture to the ‘fun’ town of Morristown. Urban Table faces the square, which is the center (or at least as far as we can tell) of this little metropolis. There was a wait so we attempted to sit at the bar. M was returning from…

the round and round

Ah election time. Brings out the best in people, right? Hardly.

Everyone has opinions and thank goodness we live in America where that’s not only accepted, it’s encouraged…or is it? I think these days we walk a fine line, it’s such a thin tight rope I’m certain it’s bound to break soon, if it hasn’t already.

I know that I’m pretty strong in my opinions; they are based on my beliefs. The reality of this is that, if you have different beliefs you just may come to a different choice. Imagine that, right? I know that I’ll never change someone’s mind that has a different set of core values than me and to be frank, I don’t care. I chose my friends carefully, I wan t those that lift me up, make my life better and that I truly enjoy. The honest truth is that if you don’t think like me (at least a little bit) we’re probably not really good friends. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t respect others. We all make our own choices, we want different things and have different goals. That’s cool as long a…


I’ve heard a lot of things this year about all the September 11 coverage. Some think we covered it ‘too’ much, some thought it was ‘too’ morbid, etc.

The bottom line is that we had the singular most violent attack on American citizenry on that day. Regardless of how you feel about it now, it is our duty to remember each and every painful second of that day and those that followed. If we don’t spend a few hours each year reliving the horrors, it will just be a matter of time before it becomes another day on the calendar. It is far too important for that.

Those that lost their lives that day, had no idea what the morning would hold for them. It’s profound to me that we all feel safe going about our daily lives. We not only take for granted our safety and ability to go out and make a living, but we also seem to think we’re beyond harm. That there simply isn’t any risk in just being alive.

The reality is that life is far from that safe. We are hardly promised another second on this eart…